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Flat Roof Bristol – Flat Roofing Company For Bristol And The South West

The answers to questions everyone wants to know!

Are flat roofs actually flat?

Flat roofs aren’t entirely flat, they must have a slight slope. This slope allows rainwater to drain off them.

What maintenance is actually required?

You must ensure that you don’t notice any signs of leaks, or blistering, although it is crucial when inspecting your flat roof, you do so safely, and the main tip on safety is to ensure you never inspect your flat roof in poor weather conditions.

Why are green roofs becoming more popular?

Green roofs have numerous added benefits such as:
Reduction in rain water run -off,
Increased insulation,
Increased life expectancy of the waterproof membrane.
Not only that, they are also eco-friendly! A green roof can increase the biodiversity of wildlife which include birdlife, insects as well as filter pullutions in the atmosphere.

Flat Roof Bristol are a flat roofing company who offer our services to Bristol and the South West. We are trained professionals who can guarantee high quality service at a competitive price. Call one of our experts today on 0843 816 5833.

Flat Roof Bristol

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