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Flat Roof Repair

flat roof repair

Is your current flat roof leaking and causing damage to your property?

The wet and windy British weather can play havoc with our roofs, especially those that are a outdated and held together by repairs.  At Flat Roof Bristol Ltd we can carry out repairs to your existing flat roof but leakages are common in bitumen and felt flat roofs so the need for repair can be regular and costly. Our recommendation is to carry out a full replacement to your flat roof with a solution that will reduce the repair rate and increase the life expectancy of your flat roof.

Our membrane systems have an average 40 year lifespan and are a real investment in to your home. Not only will you reduce the risks of property damage, but our flat roof systems are much more attractive than standard felt or bitumen too!

Whilst we urge you to consider a new flat roof installation, we can of course repair your old felt or bitumen flat roof too. To discuss your options, or obtain a quote please give us a call on 0843 208 0516 or complete the simple quote form below.

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Green Roofs

Green roofs have become more popular than ever! Apart from being aesthetically pleasing green roofs provide tangible benefits to home/business owners including insulation, reduction in rainwater run-off and increased life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane. Find out more

Sarnafil Flat Roofing Bristol

Flat Roof Insulation

Not only is insulation important to health and home, but the investment can save you a significant amount of money in the long run in reduced heating bills by ensuring cold air does not drop in to the room below. It important to know that badly installed insulation can cause even bigger hidden problems in the form of condensation which in turn rots the timber structure causing mold, or worse – possible collapse of your flat roof. Find out more

Sarnafil Roofing Bristol


The membrane used on our flat roof installations is not affected by the heat or cold and provides a very robust surface which is highly weatherproof and extremely flexible.  The process of installation is very simple and the versatility of the materials means that it is suitable for most residential and domestic flat roofing projects.  What’s more, the guarantee is top of the range so you can be sure that your flat roof really will last the test of time. Find out more

Flat Roof Conversion Bristol


Flat Roof Conversions

Many homeowners are discovering that they can gain valuable outdoor space and actually add value to their property by turning their unused and unloved flat roof in to a balcony or terrace. Find out more.