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green roof contractors Bristol

Green Roof Contractors Bristol

Are You Looking For Green Roof Contractors Bristol?

A green roof is a living roof of a building that is either partially or completely covered with vegetation. Green Roofs are on the rise! Did you know that within London the expanse of green roofs have more than doubled? That shows how green buildings have grown in popularity within the capital.

Flat Roof Bristol are green roof contractors Bristol who specialise in flat roofing services and green roof installations. Each member of our contractors are qualified and professional with each aiming to provide the highest service at an affordable and competitive price.

Green roofs are any planting scheme that is established on a wall, structure or roof. Green roofs have numerous environmental, social and economic benefits and are becoming popular with homeowners as an alternative to the conventional.

Common green roofs include extensive, intensive and biodiverse. With biodiverse green roofs they have micro-climates for other habitat, extensives are green roofs that have been adapted to the climate in the United Kingdom and require minimum maintenance, while intensives are mainly used for recreational amenities.

Green roofs are the perfect alternative for any commercial or domestic building and provide many economical factors.

If you would like any further information from green roof contractors Bristol – Flat Roof Bristol, please contact us today on 0843 208 0516. If you have any questions regarding any of our flat roofing services you can call one of our flat roofing experts to receive a free no-obligation quote. Alternatively you can contact us by using our online quote form for added convenience and we will get in touch shortly!

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