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Flat Roof Repair And Maintenance Tips

Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair And Maintenance Tips

Flat Roofs have a variety of benefits, although it is extremely important to maintain your flat roof to ensure it will last a lifetime. There are a few key points you must look out for which include:
Splitting: it is crucial to look for splitting or cracks in the roofs surface, and these would be visible parallel joints of the insulation. Splitting can be caused by numerous factors that include surface stress, freeze-thaw conditions or unsatisfactory workmanship.
Ponding: What is Ponding? Ponding is when water accumulates in pools which causes the roof to become saturated from either snow or rain. Ponding can cause leaking and also problems in the roofs structure.
Blistering: Trapped air in the layers can cause separation in the layers and these can be seen as raised spots.

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