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Our Love of Green Roofs

Our Love of Green Roofs

Let’s celebrate Earth Month With Our Love of Green Roofs!

Did you know April is Earth Month? The month that we look at living sustainably and how we can make our planet a better and greener place.

So if you’re thinking of a flat roof alternative, why not choose an eco-friendly green roof?

Flat Roof Bristol are a flat roofing specialised company based in Bristol and we offer green roof installations as well as numerous other flat roofing services.

Green roofs are an eco-friendly alternative to flat roofs with added benefits not just for the environment but for you also!

Green Roofs have been becoming ever so popular with numerous domestic and commercial buildings opting to chose green roofs than the conventional flat roof.

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a green roof:
-Biodiversity and wildlife,
-Improved thermal performance,
-Noise and Sound Insulation,
-reduction in rain water run-off,
-increased life expectancy on the waterproof membrane.

Will you consider a green roof by Flat Roof Bristol? Complete our quick and easy flat roofing quote form today, and one of our flat roofing specialists will contact you shortly!

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